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Barbed Wire Inventors:  Isaac Leonard Ellwood

August 3, 1833
Isaac Ellwood was born in Salt Springfield, New York

After working for a few years as a teamster on the Erie Canal, young Ike Ellwood set out for California and the gold fields.

1851 - 1852
Ellwood works in the gold fields.

1852 - 1855
He clerks in a Sacramento store.

At the age of 22, Ellwood moves to DeKalb County, Illinois, with $2,600.00 in his pocket.  He takes a a job on the Miller farm at Kingston.  Later, with help from William Miller, Ellwood opens a hardware store in downtown DeKalb.  The store is in business until 1875.

January 27, 1859
I.L. Ellwood marries Harriet Augusta Miller and by 1874 they had 7 children.

At the DeKalb fair, Ellwood observes an idea for barbed wire fencing.

July 1874
For $265.00, Joseph Glidden sells Ellwood one-half interest in his barbed wire invention.  Production begins on Glidden's farm.

Ellwood and Glidden build their first barbed wire factory, on South Second Street in DeKalb.  The factory building is still standing.

Ellwood becomes a partner in the Washburn and Moen Manufacturing Company of Worchester, Massachusetts.

Ellwood and Washburn and Moan build a new factory in DeKalb.  The factory extends from 4th to 6th streets on both sides of Locust Street.  Ellwood buys 1200 acres of land west of North First Street.

April 1, 1879
Construction begins on the Ellwood house.

By a "secret deal," Jacob Haish comes to terms with I.L. Ellwood & Co.

Ellwood begins purchasing 640,000 acres of Texas ranch land.

I.L. Ellwood and Company build their Wire and Nail Mill in DeKalb.

Ellwood works long and hard to see that the new Northern Illinois State Normal School is located in DeKalb

I.L. Ellwood and Company is bought out by John W. ("Bet-a-Million") Gates, becoming part of the new American Steel and Wire Company.

After serving on the Governor's staff Ellwood has bestowed upon him the honorary title of "Colonel" by Governor John Tanner of Illinois.

July 1901 
Mrs. I.L. Ellwood dies at the age of 73.

Sept. 11, 1910
Col. I.L. Ellwood dies at the age of 77

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